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Coldplay’s Chris Martin: “We Don’t Give A Fuck About Being Cool” (Video)


It’s a good thing Coldplay‘s Chris Martin doesn’t “give a fuck about being cool” because the term ‘cool’ has never been spoken out loud by anyone describing the band (except for your NPR-listening aunt and, perhaps, Gwyneth Paltrow). Not calling Coldplay ‘cool’ is basically a moot point by now and, as evidenced by that quote from Martin, Coldplay doesn’t even think Coldplay is cool. So regarding the coolness of Coldplay, we can all agree: Coldplay ≠ cool. Other bands = cool, but not Coldplay. Are we on the same page?

Martin’s blunt response to not being cool is part of a clip from Coldplay’s “Live 2012” DVD, which you can watch below. The singer also describes the excitement of playing to stadium-sized crowds, what it feels like in that moment before the show starts, and the high number of concussions from audience members who fell asleep standing up (just kidding):

When the lights go down, that’s 30,000 peoples lives colliding. Everyone there working is working for that moment, everyone watching is watching for that moment. It’s when you’re all in agreement about what you’re all doing so it’s a wonderful feeling of togetherness and possibility.

“Live 2012” features footage shot in Montreal, Paris, and Glastonbury. The DVD comes out Nov. 20 and is available for pre-order. Watch the video over at NME.