Viva la Leak, or how EMI is in serious trouble

    If you checked the torrents yesterday (or even the Prefix forum), you know that Coldplay’s new album Viva la Vida, Or Death And All His Friends (what an insufferable title) leaked yesterday. While this isn’t necessarily surprising, it brings into question Coldplay’s parent company’s outlook.

    EMI has been laying people off like crazy, and they had pinned their financial hopes on the new Coldplay album selling like hotcakes. In fact, “Viva la Vida,” one of the album’s advance singles has moved 510,000 downloads already. But now that the full album has leaked, it remains unlikely that the album will be the rousing success that EMI had hoped.

    Now all that’s left is for EMI to go the Gnarls Barkley route and push the album out next week to try keep sales up. But that seems unlikely, since the album is supposed to be out on June 17, while the Gnarls album leaked a few weeks before its release.