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Coachella 2013 Sold Out In 15 Minutes


Nothing encapsulates soul-crushing disappointment better than trying to buy tickets to a sold out music festival. That’s probably what hundreds (thousands?) of near hysterical indie rock fans were feeling when they logged on to Coachella‘s ticketing website and were told the system had crashed. 

Spin (via the LA Times) reports that tickets for the first weekend of the festival sold out in less than 15 minutes after being released on Tuesday. The first set of dates (April 12) proved far more popular than the April 19 weekend and heavy traffic on Coachella’s provider site (Front Gate) beget a series of system glitches that left many hopefuls ticket-less and prone to posting their sadness on Facebook.

Imagine your whole world was veiled in dark terror–like Middle Earth circa Lord of the Rings–with no end in sight. Nothing will ever be beautiful again, you think. Or, as one world-weary Facebook user poetized: “Coachella ur so lame now! Well u’ve been lame for years but now it’s official!!! Soon everyone will realize this too.” Coachella: watch ur back.

As of this date, all festival passes are sold out, save for the more expensive Lake Eldorado VIP package, which will set you back a cool $3,000-5,000. The full lineup was announced just last week and includes headliners Blur, Phoenix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Stone Roses (who nobody has ever heard of).