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Childish Gambino Releasing Virtual Reality Vinyl for “Awaken, My Love!”

Childish Gambino Releasing Virtual Reality Vinyl for “Awaken, My Love!”

Childish Gambino’s 2016 “Awaken, My Love!” is about to take its rightful place in your vinyl collection. Come May 19th, the limited edition vinyl will hit shelves, packed with cool features. In advance of the release, a screening party will be held at London’s House of Vans. Tickets for the ballot entry event are available here.

Seen above, the 2xLP will come with beautiful glow in the dark artwork photographed by Ibra Ake showcasing the bonelike headdresses designed by WXYZ Jewelry. Seen in the bottom left, a cardboard virtual reality viewer will come with the package. What will you watch with this cardboard viewer you ask? Well, for the diehard Gambino fans, perhaps the most exciting feature here is the 360° footage shot at the PHAROS festival last summer.

Here at the PHAROS festival was where Childish Gambino played “Awaken, My Love!” live in full for the first time. The album went on to debut at number 5 on the Billboard charts, and its second single, “Redbone” was perfectly featured in one this year’s biggest films, Get Out.

The vinyl has already sold-out on Childish Gambino’s website where it was retailing for $59.99. It also appears to be being resold through Amazon, though it’s unclear whether this is just the vinyl or both the vinyl and exclusive VR kit.

So while everyone from Me and Your Mama knows who Donald Glover is at this point, from creating and starring in his Golden-Globe winning FX series, Atlanta, to his Golden-Globe winning shoutout to Migos, to, oh yeah, being cast as your new Lando Calrissian in 2018’s young Han Solo film, the man absolutely everywhere.

As for his alter-ego, Childish Gambino has yet to truly rise above the lukewarm reviews from the critics. For as many passionate fans his music has, he has just as many detractors. But for many, myself included, “Awaken, My Love!” marked an exciting sonic shift for the artist that I’m genuinely looking forward to hearing where he goes next…and totally would be more than cool if that next place takes him to the long-rumored collaborative album with another it-boy, Chance the Rapper.

One can only hope! Until then, be sure to find me with wearing out my copy of “Awaken, My Love!” just so I can hear “Terrified” a million times.