Check Out Riff Raff’s Gold Chain From Diplo

    Yesterday, ridiculous rapper Riff Raff dropped his album The Golden Alien on iTunes to an unsuspecting public. He’s been in the news for quarreling with Soulja Boy on Twitter, dropping three mixtapes in one day, and partying with Diplo.

    Well, it seems the latter venture has paid off quite handsomely. Riff Raff is under contract with Mad Decent, the label owned by Diplo, and to reward his new artist for a job well done, Diplo decided to send Riff Raff a gift. A $45,000 gift, to be exact, in the form of a reversible gold chain. Riff Raff posted pictures of it to his Twitter, and while it looks like he put it on carpet to snap a picture, we can’t rule out that that’s paper towel in the background.

    The chain takes the shape of a Cheshire cat, but we gotta say Diplo missed an opportunity: isn’t Riff Raff named after a Catillac Cat?