Check Out Artist David Datuna’s Mosaic Of Jay-Z From His Work In “Jay-Z/Picasso: Opposition of Imaginations”

    David Datuna’s “Jay-Z/Picasso: Opposition of Imaginations,”  will be debuting at Art Miami on December 3.  Datuna, who views Jay-Z as a “modern day Picasso,” was inspired by Jay-Z’s new Magna Carta….Holy Grail album, including his song “Picasso, Baby.” Datuna created a one-of-a-kind mixed media wall sculpture, which expresses the evolution of art with a distinct comparison between Jay-Z and Picasso – two artists of different generations. The wall sculptures are made up of glasses, allowing viewers to look through the lenses and formulate their own interpretation of the piece.

    Positioned to look at each other eye-to-eye, the Jay-Z and Picasso works were created as a symbol of illusion and perceptions. Datuna uses this piece as a vehicle to force individuals to re-examine themselves and the work of art, pushing them to see more than just the mere images.


     These sculptures are not only thought-provoking, but they draw a distinct connection between eras, allowing viewers some insight into the blurred lines of art, fashion, and technology.


    The exhibit will be held within the  Contessa Gallary at Art Miami in Miami, Florida, Dec. 3-8.