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Cash Money Owners Starting Oil Company


Apparently cornering the market on southern rap isn’t enough for Baby and his brother Ronald: The Cash Money owners have announced that they’ve started an “alternative” oil company called, hilariously, Bronald. The company’s stated aim is to find gas and oil from conventional and “unconventional” formations, whatever the hell that means. They’ll be digging for oil in space?


Here’s the announcement of the company:


Bronald Oil & Gas, LLC is an independent oil and gas company focused, on the exploration, production and development of oil and gas reserves from conventional and unconventional formations. The Company is initially focused on exploration and development properties in Osage County, Oklahoma, as well as in Texas, Louisiana and Florida in the United States and in Central America. Bronald’s long-term strategy is to grow through development and via the acquisition of prospective acreage that complements its existing assets and exploits the abilities of the Company’s technical resources. Bronald is committed to working cooperatively with governments and private enterprise to recover energy from known oil and gas reserves throughout North and Central America in an environmentally friendly manner. Bronald intends to utilize both historically successful technologies and means, as well as new innovations and technology, to recover energy resources in both and economic and environmentally efficient manner. Bronald is committed to preserving the environment, promoting worker safety and maximizing the potential output of various oil and gas assets.

Sorry Honduras: It seems your oil reserves are about to be raided by Bronald. [The Awl]