Buffalo Is Trying To Ban Bon Jovi From City

    At the end of March, Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson passed away, and now the NFL team’s future is in question. One option is for the Bills to move across the boarder to Canada, which is something Bon Jovi would like to do if he was able to buy the team. Buffalo fans aren’t happy about this. 

    12th Man Thunder are a group that aim to “give Buffalo Bills fans a voice during the sale of the franchise,” and they are attempting to have Bon Jovi banned from their city. The group is asking bars and clubs to stop playing his music, bands to stop covering his songs, and businesses to not allow him to perform. The ultimate goal is to make Buffalo a “Bon Jovi Free Zone.” Apparently more than 60 businesses have signed up. 

    This is probably just going to add to the Buffalo vs. Toronto rivalry.