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Bruno Mars Responds To Tyler The Creator Diss


A few months after “Yonkers” was released, and in time for Goblin‘s release, Spin Magazine has finally done the last possible “new” Odd Future coverage by asking Bruno Mars what he thinks of the diss on the track. Unsurprisingly, he’s not really taking “stab Bruno Mars in the goddamn esophagus” seriously:

Mars said: “(Tyler) has to wait in line if he wants to stab me. (Tyler’s) definitely not the first guy that’s said something like that to me and he’s not going to be the last.” Speaking to Spin magazine backstage at a New York show, Mars continued: “Oh, man. How did I feel about it? That’s what coming up is. You pick up some fans and a handful of haters along the way.”

I mean, what did anyone expect him to say? Did anyone really think he’d be like “fuck that guy! I’ll kill him!”? I guess someone did. I wonder who will ask Hayley Williams about “Yonkers” now. Maybe she’ll finally get gully on Tyler. [Guardian]