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Breaking: Pickle Officially More Popular Than Nickelback


It’s been almost two weeks—a lifetime in Internet years—since a Facebook group was set up to see whether a lowly pickle could gain more fans than hoary old grunge throwbacks Nickelback. The good news is: the campaign was successful, the pickle has emerged triumphant, and we can all now move on to join one of the other ‘Can [insert inanimate object] get more fans than [insert name of failing/tiresome celebrity]?’


Nickelback has 1,413,167 fans on Facebook, which suggests the human race may not be worth saving after all. But those devotees didn’t count on the strange allure of the mighty pickle, who surpassed the Nickelback total sometime on Friday afternoon (Feb. 19) and hasn’t looked back since.


So, where now for the pickle? Perhaps a string of red carpet appearances, or a sordid liaison with socialite Paris Hilton? The sky really is the limit, and while we ponder its next move, this photo gallery offers a mixture of amusing/poor/increasingly desperate Photoshops of the pickle in action.


[via Gigwise]

[Photo Larry BarTab]