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Boy In Snuggie Recreates Beyonce’s “Countdown” Video


It’s hard to get genuinely blown away by the Internet sometimes. Receiving a steady stream of memes, videos, tweets and songs can leave a viewer sort of dead inside. Then a video like this comes along.

YouTube user kkpalmer1000 recreated the video for Beyonce’s “Countdown,” down to the very second. Everything is synced: the flirty facial expressions, the changing outfit colors, the multiple frames and backup dancing and the part where Beyonce rubs her pregnant belly while singing “I’m tryna make us 3/From that 2/He still the one.” Only difference is, kkpalmer1000 is a young Asian man wearing a blue Snuggie.

No word on whether this kid will go to film school, audition for a TV talent show or take on the daunting task of recreating every Beyonce video, frame by frame. Watch this insane video below — here’s a helpful side-by-side comparison video, too.