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Bob Dylan Lyrics Are Being Sold in Potato Chip Bags in China

Bob Dylan Lyrics Are Being Sold in Potato Chip Bags in China

What would a bag of Bob Dylan-themed potato chips taste like?

The question isn’t necessarily an appetizing one, but it did feed our imaginations yesterday when it was (woefully) misreported that a Chinese company, purported to be selling such a snack, was in fact selling nothing of the kind.

Does the packaging look like potato chip bags? Yes. But is the packaging potato chip bags? Well, yes.

As company’s website rhetorically ponders, “What is the most popular thing?”, before revealing, “We chose the ‘potato chips.'” Can’t argue with that. And thus, books of Chinese translations of Bob Dylan lyrics are currently being sold in potato chip bags in China.

The book on the right comes sold in the packaging on the left.

The lyrics are apparently pulled from the comprehensive tome, Bob Dylan: The Lyrics (1961–2012), the Chinese publisher invited 15 of China’s most esteemed poets and musicians to assist in translating the text. The lyrics are divided among eight separate pock-sized books that come packaged in their own specific chip bag.

But, according to the website, you also have the option of purchasing the entire collection of books, which come collectively packaged in a miniature, ’60s-style retro suitcase. It isn’t clear whether the suitcase comes filled with eight chip bags, but I admit I love the idea of carrying around a snazzy suitcase filled with kids’ snacks.

While it isn’t exactly widely known, Bob Dylan enjoys a sizable fanbase in the People’s Republic of China. This is more than a little ironic, considering Dylan’s stature as a protest figure and the Republic’s entrenched conformism and penchant for censorship.

Dylan first played Beijing in 2011, drawing criticism stateside, accusing the veteran antagonist of self-censoring his set—claims that he refuted in an open letter.

In other Dylan-related news, it was reported earlier this week that the legendary folk bard has finally delivered his Nobel Prize acceptance lecture. The mind churns in wonder of what sort of scrumptious packaging the transcript of the address could be sold in.

Also, a special hat-tip to the creative geniuses at FLOOD for their exquisite list of fictional Bob Dlyan potato chip flavors. Highlights include “Tangled Up in Bleu Cheese” and “It Ain’t Grease Babe.” Do enjoy.

In the meantime, if you have a specific craving for musician-sanctioned treats, there’s always rap snacks.