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Beyonce Under Fire For Throwing Concert For Qaddafi Son


A minor controversy has broken out in the gossip rags recently over Beyonce allegedly taking $2 million in cash from one of Mummar Qaddaffi’s kids (who is known colloquially as Hannibal, because he is a nice guy*) to perform in St. Barts at Nikki Beach for the likes of Paul Allen and Lindsay Lohan at an exclusive party. Beyonce performed a whole five songs for her $2 million, which is an hourly rate of about $6 million.  


Now, this is the part where I talk about how it’s “deplorable” that Beyonce would take $2 million clams from the son of a dictator, and how she should have standards in who she gets paid by. But let’s be honest, it’s not like she performed for $3000 and a free buffet; she got paid GNP money. I mean, I’d do horrible things for a Qaddafi son for a chance at $2 million. I’d even write his autobiography for, like, $15,000 and a Pizza Hut gift card.


Furthermore, it’s easy to say Beyonce shouldn’t perform for Qaddafi, but someone else will if she won’t. And personally, I’d rather see Beyonce get paid that money than Justin Bieber or Young MC. Plus the concert was probably pretty cool. [Daily Swarm]  



*- He is not a nice guy. A week ago he allegedly beat his wife in a London hotel. And a few years ago he was accused of, along with his wife, beating on some servants in a hotel room. Dude is like the Tiger Woods of hotel beatings.