Beyonce To Take A Break From Music In 2010, All The Single Ladies Now Unsure What To Do

    In devastating news for pop music in the new year, Beyonce Knowles told USA Today that she’ll be taking a break from music in 2010 “to take a break, to recharge [her] batteries.” She claims that she won’t step a foot inside a music studio for at least six months in an attempt “to be inspired by things again.”


    Of course, with “Single Ladies” becoming a worldwide phenomenon and I Am… Sasha Fierce blowing up as it did, with a subsequent 110 city tour, Knowles certainly had a busy enough 2009. For her work she also netted 10 Grammy nominations, the most of any artist this year.


    But after the Grammy’s Knowles intends to relax, “I wrote out a contract with myself. I made a list of everything I want to do that has nothing to do with music… I promised myself that I would not go back on tour or in the studio until I finished these things.” With Knowles out of the picture, Lady Gaga’s intricate plot for global domination has come one step closer to fruition. [MTV]