Ben Gibbard on a jazz odyssey

    Ben Gibbard gives us his best Spinal Tap-like mockumentary — on April Fool’s Day, of course — with a glimpse into his new side project, Just Jazzin’. "Born out of an interest in exploring music free from rules and convention, Just Jazzin’ offers the world a chance to see another side of Ben," according to a deadpan press release.  "There’s this side of me and my music that desires a lack of structure and Just Jazzin’ does that for me to just play whatever note that comes into my head," Ben adds.


    Go here to Just Jazzin’s MySpace page, where you can see a short video documentary on the project with footage of Ben grooving on the vibraphone. Ben tells us that while Just Jazzin’ is a band, it’s not necessarily open to everyone in the Death Cab family. Drummer Jason McGerr simply can’t jazz, Ben says. "Jason has tried out for Just Jazzin’ like seven times."  Funny stuff. [Just Jazzin’]