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New Baby Dee album coming into the world in January


Baby Dee sounds like it should be the name of a hip-hop artist. In fact, I’m guessing there probably is a rapper out there who goes by that moniker. But this isn’t about whoever that might be; we’re talking here of the singer-songwriter Baby Dee whose third full-length, Safe Inside the Day, is scheduled for a January 22 release via Drag City. Baby Dee finds herself on that label because of the championing she’s received from some indie elite such as Antony Hegarty, Will Oldham, and Matt Sweeney. Those last two produced Safe and also show up performing on the album. And they’re by no means the only high-profile guests who do so. Also appearing on Safe are Andrew W.K., Current 93’s John Contreras, Psychic TV’s Bill Breeze, and Chavez’s James Lo. Many of the stories Dee tells on Safe are apparently inspired by her childhood growing up in Cleveland.
While Dee plans a larger tour around the time of the album’s release, for now she only has a couple of dates on tap: one at Chicago’s Hideout on November 15 and the other at New York City’s Joe’s Pub on December 22. Follow on after the jump for the tracklisting on Safe Inside the Day…[more:]
1. Safe Inside The Day
2. The Earlie King
3. A Compass Of The Light
4. The Only Bones That Show
5. Fresh Out Of Candles
6. Big Titty Bee Girl (From Dino Town)
7. A Christimas Jig For A Three-Legged Cat
8. Flowers On The Tracks
9. The Dance Of Diminishing Possibilities
10. Bad Kidneys
11. You’ll Find Your Footing

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