Artists seeing no money from file sharing lawsuits

    The recording industry has brought lawsuits against twenty thousand people in the name of "protecting artists’ copyrights." In some cases cash damages have been awarded, and some artists are beginning to wonder exactly where all the money is going. John Branca, a lawyer who has represented Don Henley, Korn, and The Rolling Stones had this to say about the monies in question:[more:]

    "Artist managers and lawyers have been wondering for months when their artists will see money from the copyright settlements and how it will be accounted for. Some of them are even talking about filing lawsuits if they don’t get paid soon."

    While there is no saying exactly where the damages went, it’s a good bet that a sizeable portion of them will go to the same place as money recovered from the artists’ lawsuits: straight into an attorney’s pocket. The protracted series of lawsuits brought by the recording industry has done nothing to solve the problem of file sharing, but has to have been a boon for billable hours. The lawyers can’t be faulted for respecting their clients’ wishes, but the muddled results seem to indicate that the money might be better spent elsewhere in the crusade against illegal downloading. [Boing Boing]