Andrew W.K. Confirms Motivational Speaking Appearance At My Little Pony Convention

    Yeah, you read that headline correctly. Andrew W.K. is set to be a motivational speaker at none other than the My Little Pony convention this fall.

    The unruly, boisterous rocker will be part of a panel answering the question, “What Would Pinkie Pie Do?” Pinkie Pie is, of course, a bright pink Earth pony and one of the main characters of the re-imagined My Little Pony animated show, Friendship Is Magic. The king of partying hard claims that he is the living embodiment of the positive, party pony, and he plans on speaking about how to make your work as fun as your party and your party as important as your work. W.K. has spoken in the past of his support for “Brony,” the ever-growing subculture surrounding unexpected male obsession with My Little Pony and Friendship Is Magic. Is your mind blown? Because mine is.

    The event, entitled Canterlot Gardens, will be held in Strongville, Ohio, September 28-30. You can register for the convention here