Amanda Palmer Tweets Naked Pictures of Herself

    The longer Twitter exists, the more apparent it is that having a space where celebrities can make lasting, internet-permanent decisions in less than a few minutes, is an incredibly valuable thing.


    Though obviously a lot more premediated than her celebrity Twittering counterparts, Amanda Palmer tweeted thusly yesterday:


    use these nekkid AFP post-sharpie-twit-frenzy-photos to mock up a rolling stone cover. – post results.

    With a link to about 25 nude photos of Palmer covered in Sharpie, doing various poses. I mean, it’s Amanda Palmer, and if you see her live there’s about a 20% chance she’ll take off her shirt just due to general immodesty, but this still raises an eyebrow or two.


    To see the Rolling Stone covers fans have come up with, click here.

    [The Daily Swarm]