Contest: Predict the album sales of Chinese Democracy

    What effect will a 10-year layoff, Dr. Pepper publicity and a Best Buy promotion have on the sales of Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy.


    It’s a monster week of releases this week and we’re holding album sales contests for four of the biggest albums (Day & Age, 808s & Heartbreak, Theater of the Mind, Chinese Democracy) hitting the store shelves.


    The prize is a $20 Amazon gift certificate and bragging rights for the week. Please note that only registered users will be in the running.



    • Predict in the comments where Guns N’ Roses’ new album, Chinese Democracy, will chart.
    • Also predict how many copies of Chinese Democracy will be sold during its first week.
    • Predictions after Sunday (November 30, 2008 will be disqualified). 


    • $20 gift certificate to

    Additional Notes:
    *Check out the Week in Preview feature to see what else was released.
    **Whoever correctly guesses where GNR chart and is closest to actual sales figures from Soundscan wins. No Price Is Right rule in effect (i.e. you can still win if your guess is over the actual sales figures.)
    ***This contest is open to everyone, including Prefix staffers.

    ****If you are not registered on the site, your entry will be disqualified.