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Additional Details Coming Out Regarding Spotify’s U.S. Launch


Two days ago, we told you about the long-awaited U.S. launch of music streaming service Spotify. Now, further details are coming out regarding the launch, some promising and some not so much. On the latter front, sources are telling both Digital Music News and the L.A. Times that while Spotify has deals in place with most of the major labels, Warner Music Group continues to hold out. WMG includes artists from Green Day and Nickelback to Iron & Wine and Janelle Monae, meaning those artists’ music would not appear on Spotify. As of this writing, it’s uncertain whether it’s Spotify’s intention to work out a deal with WMG prior to their launch or if Spotify will launch without WMG support.


On a more positive note for Spotify, it seems as though their partnership with Facebook is all but confirmed here in the United States. That partnership was first announced at the end of May by Forbes. Now, code was discovered by programmer Jeff Ross that seems to confirm a Facebook music service called Vibes, and while nothing is confirmed, it seems likely that Vibes and Spotify will be linked via Facebook, allowing users to stream Spotify’s library from their profile. Interesting stuff for the streaming service. We’ll attempt to keep you updated on the details regarding Spotify as launch approaches. [DMN / Hypebot]