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A Nirvana Broadway Musical Could Be In The Works


Jukebox musicals have become a big trend for Broadway after the success of Mamma Mia, Jersey Boys and several other musicals that use pre-existing music to tell a story. It looks like the next band to have their catalog arranged into a musical story will be Nirvana, according to a report from The New York Daily News.

Music manager Sam Lufti revealed this insane plan while testifying against former client Britney Spears Wednesday. Lufti currently manages Courtney Love and revealed to the court that they are currently planning “a possible motion picture or Broadway musical based on her life and Kurt Cobain’s.”

Apparently, after making the statement, Lufti started to backpedal and cover his tracks. He told New York Daily News reporter Nancy Dillion, “It’s an idea… I’m sorry I can’t say anything more.” The article also mentions an unnamed source that is close to Love saying that she has been planning a movie or play based on her marriage to the Nirvana frontman, but that “nothing has materialized from it.”

For the sake of the Nirvana legacy, let’s hope it remains that way.