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A Look At Indie Rock Artist Financials


We’ve told you a little bit about the cash flow of orchestras, but If you’re not a fan of classical music, Future of Music Coalition has just released some data that might be a little more relevant to you.

The study examines five types of full-time musicians including “Indie Rock Composer-Performer” and “Jazz Sideman-Bandleader,” and separates their earnings into categories like live performance, music sales on the road, publishing royalties, and even TV royalties. Not surprisingly the largest chunk of the pie chart is the live performance category.

There’s a narrative in the data. From 2008-2010 the musician was an employee of a touring rock band. Instead of collecting his own income from touring, he received a salary from the band’s corporate fund. He’s played on over thirty albums and toured the US and Europe. Over four years later he still collects royalty payments from recording sessions.

The data only gives percentages of an unnamed total income for the artist, so anyone curious about the going rate for a salaried indie musician will have to keep searching.

I’ve still got some questions. I’m curious how festival appearences differ from regular club tours, and the economics of a hip hop producer. Hopefully No I.D. submits some W2’s to the next study. [FOMC via Hypebot]