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2NE1’s CL Goes Solo, Becomes K-Pop’s “The Baddest Female” (Video)


In the world of K-pop, hip-hop is usually sugar coated. But entertainment label YG has stepped out of that box and has produced artists that follow the roots of hip hop a little more closely. And joining the ranks is CL the leader of female group 2NE1. Known for her intense live performances and handling most of the rap parts, she’s garnered a reputation for being one bad woman. Well, now she’s stepping out into the limelight with her debut solo single “The Baddest Female.”

The track gets things going with its booming bass and mixes in some dubstep-esque beats in there. CL raps ferociously throughout the song and gets a little eccentric like fellow label mate G-Dragon. It’s much harder than what any Korean female pop star has come out with and it just may cause a revolution over there.

Check out the performer’s foray into the solo spotlight below: