Slow Club: British Duo Hints At EP And New Album


    On a short break from the road, British indie-folk duo Slow Club are in Edinburgh working on a collaborative project with musicians including Indian artist the Raghu Dixit Project and Mercury Prize nominee King Creosote for “The Dewarist Sessions,” which is sponsored by alcohol maker. We caught up with Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor in the middle of the session to hear what they’ve been up to and what their upcoming schedule looks like.


    What’s it been like working in Edinburgh on this project?

    Charles: It’s been great. It’s been really cool to collaborate with such great artists.


    Have you started working on any new material for your next album?

    Charles: We’re releasing an EP of songs we’ve been playing over the past couple of months. After that we’re going to start working on our third record.

    Rebecca: The songs are pretty simple musically compared to the album. We’re hoping to get it out in October.


    What was the thought process behind releasing this EP? Was it to serve as a bridge between Paradise and what’s next?

    Charles: We’ve done that quite a lot actually (releasing EPs.) We’ve done one between each album. It’s nice to be in the studio and have the pressure of making a full on album. It’s all about tactics.

    The Dewarist Sessions X Slow Club from Protein® TV on Vimeo.


    Are you excited to be touring this summer?

    Charles: We’ve been on tour for a while, but we’ve got mostly festivals now really.


    Do you prefer massive outdoor festivals as opposed to smaller, sweaty shows?

    Charles: I actually like the small sweaty gigs. What about you, Becky?

    Rebecca: I like every type of gig! When we do support shows, we’re only on for a half an hour and though it’s not your audience, you get to play the hits and hopefully you win people over. That’s a nice challenge for us as a band. Our own headline shows where we get to play everything and perform for an audience that loves us is pretty cool too.


    Your sound has been described as indie/folk/punk. Do you envision the direction of the next album following this path or will you experiment with a new different sound?

    Rebecca: I don’t see that there’s any point unless we push ourselves. When we made Paradise, it wasn’t really a calculated effort. It was how we’ve grown and what our tastes are when we record and what we’re capable of as musicians. Paradise has opened up to the point where we feel like we can do anything, like a dance record or a super stripped down folk thing. In my experiences being in a band with Charles, we’re terrible at sticking to an idea and whatever comes out of us is what happens. At this point, I know as much as you know.


    Has the songwriting process changed as you gear up to lay down some new songs?

    Charles: We both write individually and bring it to the table. There’s not really one formula, but we’ve been writing so long now that we have a method to help each other out with the songs.


    What was it like having Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, star in the “Beginners” video?

    Charles: It’s a privilege and quite exciting.

    Rebecca: He is a fan of our band and we had this idea for this video and had a script, so we just needed an actor and thought we’d ask him and he did it! So he came along and the rest is history. We’ll always have that video to look at fondly have that relationship with him.


    Are you excited to be touring with Mumford & Sons this summer?

    Rebecca: Yes, absolutely! We know them really well from years ago. It’s weird because there are so many more people than we ever played to. It’s a real pleasure and they’re all really nice. Besides, we go drink with them a lot it will be fun.


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