Shaky Knees 2019

Photo Gallery of Shaky Knees 2019
Festival Crowd

Ultimate Guide to 2019 Music Festivals

With Summer fast approaching we've compiled this comprehensive guide to this year's music festivals. After scouring hundreds of websites we've come up with the following 66 festivals that span the globe. Our list spans...
The Game (Rapper)

The Game (Rapper) | Profile – Biography, Albums, Songs, Quotables

CONTENTS: Background | Studio Albums | Notable Songs | Social Media | Personal Life & Family | Beefs & Controversies | Quotables | Trivia & Random Facts Background Birth Name: Jayceon Terrell Taylor Nicknames: Game, Stretch, Hurricane,...
Studio Equipment

The Positive Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Music Industry

Music is as old as the hills. It has always been and will always be an important part of civilization itself. However, just because music is as steady as an experienced drummer doesn’t mean...

Auto-Tune: A Deeper Look at the Controversial Vocal Effect   

With technological developments that have helped audio engineering expand its boundaries over the past several decades, music production continues to evolve. In turn, producers are more popular than ever and often bigger than the...


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