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Hi Matthew:

As an avid reader of your music reviews on Prefix, I just had to contact you to tell you about our upcoming album. Sills and Smith are about to release their first CD of original music called Uncertain Vista. The album will be available at the end of August through CD Baby, Amazon, Itunes and at select music stores in Ottawa. Perhaps you'd consider telling folks about our album. We're pretty excited about the music! Check out our Reverbnation page to hear a couple of tunes from the disc: No Safety Net and Spiraling Down. A third tune from the disc called Angry Geezer will be posted later today. We'll send you a review copy of the CD when it is out.

All the best,

Frank Smith
tel. (613) 226-4100
tel. (613) 380-8065, ext 201 (W)
20 Donna St., Nepean, Ontario, K2G 2V4

Sills and Smith set to release Uncertain Vista

The story of the musical duo Sills and Smith is a strange, magical journey for sure. Jeremy Allan Michael Sills (AKA JAMS) is a talented sound healer, mystic, multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter. Frank Smith is a dedicated coordinator of a non-governmental organization by day and a budding singer/songwriter when the sun sets and darkness falls. Both reside in Ottawa. Thrown together by happenstance and some unusual cosmic disruption, the two have been singing and playing together for close to two years. In the last year and a half, their incredible musical odyssey has been an inspiring one, leading to the release of 10 albums -- 140 songs and some 9 and a half hours of recorded music -- of mostly live cover songs in the alternative folk/rock vein. This music was created out of love for the artists and songs, for the sheer fun of it and the discs were distributed to friends and family. Now after honing their partnership and fully melding their talents, Sills and Smith are set to release their first album of all original tunes. "Uncertain Vista" is a stunning 21 track, over 60 minute collection of great songs, brimming with melody, heart and get up and go. It's an alternative indie folk/rock album that is both lilting and rollicking, chronicling the pain and joy of life. From the catchy chorus of epic opener A Writer's Retreat to the glorious harmonies of the title track that ends the album, Uncertain Vista is a surprising melodic trip. Recorded, mixed and produced by the brilliant Jonathan Edwards at Corvidae Music in Ottawa, Uncertain Vista features Jeremy Sills on vocals and guitars, Frank Smith on vocals and Jonathan Edwards playing numerous instruments in support. Uncertain Vista will be released at the end of August, 2011.

Frank Smith

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