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Eric is a culturally ambivalent white
guy originally from the 'burbs of
Anaheim and currently residing in the
fog-laden city of
San Francisco. Despite attending the same high
school as Gwen Stefani and frequently quarreling with one of the dudes from
Save Ferris, he has little patience for anything ska-related made after the 80s.
He's old enough to remember when hip-hop was fun and when it was [gasp] important, but not so old or
bitter to give up on it quite yet, at least not while characters such as MF
Doom are spitting rhymes with a mask on. Like Doom, Eric (or Dr. Nomolos as
they call him at the shelter) has way too many alter egos but only uses them
for his screenplays and novels and short stories, one of which he'll finish any
day now. It's either that or a career in identity theft.

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