You’re Awful, I Love You


    Ludo’s greatest strength–the one that got Island Records’ attention–is their ability to mix classic-rock excess with emo-leaning musings. Grander than Weezer yet more deeply personal than Queen, Ludo is probably the only band ever to have released a rock-opera EP (2005’s Broken Bride).


    While Broken Bride’s lyrics featured pterodactyls and zombies, Your Awful, I Love You stays almost exclusively personal, a decision that only works to the album’s advantage. There are a lot more double-entendres and complex personal dynamics in You’re Awful than on most emo albums, while still finding a place for room-shaking rock.


    True, the lyrics can get sappy–some may dismiss the album after the lyric “Bitter and dumb/ You’re my sugarplum” in opener "Love Me Dead." But to do so would overlook one of the smarter emo albums in quite some time, establishing Ludo as a thinking man’s Jimmy Eat World.