Paradise Boys

    Your Love/Gonna Make You Mine


    San Francisco’s Princehouse Records is hitting a crossroads very quickly. With electroclash bleeding profusely and waiting patiently for the coup-de-grace, Princehouse finds itself blessed with dance-punkers Hint Hint — a solid foundation — but also saddled with a lot of artists who are failing to turn heads. Paradise Boys are convinced that simple, pulsing beats still hold some allure, and they’re right in some respects. You can dance to both of their singles, as well as the remixes (especially the Nikki Anderson/All the Way Lovers mix of “Gonna Make You Mine”). The question is whether you’ll be sober enough at that point to remember the names of these tunes. They won’t clear the floor at your local club, but they won’t fill it either.

    [more:] – 2004