Your Biggest Fan


    Voxtrot has yet to sustain an album’s worth of great songs, but the band sure breezes with ease through the EP format. Its first two, five-song EPs, Raised by Wolves and Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives, featured the sort of updated aesthetically British ’60s pop: delicate, precious, chugging and insistent. Through those EPs, Voxtrot has maintained a comfortable niche through a combination of brevity and concise, playful songwriting. After all, leaving a consumer always wanting a little bit more is a great way to keep interest up and build a reputation. Your Biggest Fan does nothing but add to that.


    All of the early buzz surrounding Voxtrot is, at this point, justifiable. The band writes the sort of jangly, whimsical yet concise indie pop that not only pleases the ears but tickles the brain as well. Singer Ramesh Srivastava sings with an earnest conviction, always fully entrenched in his songs but retaining a confidence and swagger allowing his vocals and lyrics a spotlight. Srivastava spits lines like “Don’t want to waste my time/ I want a man who makes me feel like a woman” and “I never would have done it/ I have never would have slashed my parents’ trust” with bravado and innocence, making his declarations reliable and sympathetic.


    Voxtrot’s instrumentation is meticulous, restrained and organized. The organization makes moments of flair, a walking bass, organ blast, piano tickle or guitar noodle providing added touched of character. “Trouble,” a lament over squandered opportunities due to drug abuse and immaturity, climaxes with a shrilling guitar and organ, making Srivastava’s vocals and the track doubly urgent and insistent. The title track, Voxtrot’s most overtly catchy yet intricate song to date feature verses brimming with instrumental interjections over Srivastava’s storytelling and an accessible chorus of wavering, fragile vocals.


    These thirteen tracks together would make a fantastic full-length: an initial statement bold and tender, expertly arranged and evenly expressive. But releasing them on EPs may be just as effective. Your Biggest Fan adds to the mystique of Voxtrot as another triumphant mishmash of maturity, innocence and know-how. Here’s to hoping that the great ideas can continue to blossom on a grand scale.



    Band: http://www.voxtrot.net/

    Label: http://www.playlouderecordings.com/

    Audio: http://www.myspace.com/voxtrot