The Wednesdays

    You Will Gasp and They Will Breathe


    The thought of punk getting a small dose of Alabama blues is pretty amusing, but should you really be laughing at songs that have lyrics like, “It doesn’t matter when you’re wed to a gun”? Their southern-fried punk sound recalls Those Peabodies drunk on the ‘shine, and the Wednesdays get points for interjecting some handclaps and odd time signatures into their relentless/monotonous guitar assault.


    But there’s no denying that this experiment just doesn’t pan out. At best, You Will Gasp and They Will Breathe gets a spot on the Simple Life 2 soundtrack, punctuating a moment when Lionel Ritchie’s devil spawn attempts to ride a mechanical bull while drunk. In a perfect world, she flies off and is somehow rendered mute. A man can dream, can’t he?