Frank N Dank

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    I say Frank N Dank, you think Jay Dee, and this Detroit-based duo is never going to get away from its association with the late beat-master. But there are worse career hurdles, especially when they get posthumous beats from Dilla, like the excellent opener “Okay.” Madlib’s sibling Oh No provides the other best backing track, the kinda crunky, totally dirty “My City.” But apart from some really decent beats, there’s little to latch onto here. Neither Frank nor Dank are superior rhymers, and they are mostly concerned with making a good song that’s primed for dance floors and mixtapes. But something is constantly holding them back from succeeding. Maybe it’s the lack of any real personality; maybe it’s the feeling that most of these beats never really elevate themselves above mere quality. For now, they have better taste than they do results.