DAT Politics

    Wow Twist


    Wow Twist, the fourth full-length from the French IDM group DAT Politics, is deceiving. At first I was compelled to dismiss it as a throwaway quirky indie electro-punk record, but that’s the rub: Its accessible, immediate melodies disguise the fact that this was a carefully planned production. The boys in DAT Politics are so good at their craft that these seemingly stupid songs feel like they were plopped down in one take. But you have to pay closer attention.



    Beneath all these layers of silly themes (“My Toshiba Is Alive”) and Le Tigre-esque girly shout-outs (“V.I.D.E.O. Tape”) is an underbelly of high-quality IDM. It’s a fresh idea, considering that most of the genre takes a more “serious” approach. Instead of aiming for cerebral brain tweaks, the former Tone Rec crew captured the true spirit of punk: unabashed irony. Taking some cues from Polysics, DAT Politics has blended the sounds of several different genres into a fresh-sounding musical smoothie that goes down easy.


    Still, this won’t be every IDM fan’s idea of a good time. Its melodies are quick, immediate, and lasting — you’ll probably end up singing the chorus to “My Toshiba Is Alive” while you’re listening to it. More serious music listeners may have trouble with its existential meaninglessness, but that’s also the beauty of the album. It’s an irreverent slab of electric pop filth, determined to create a good time.



    Band (streaming audio): http://www.datpolitics.com/index.htm

    Label: http://www.chicksonspeed.com

    Audio: http://www.myspace.com/datpolitics

    “Viper Eyes” MP3: http://www.datpolitics.com/wowtwist1.html

    Stream Wow Twist: http://www.datpolitics.com/wowtwist.html

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