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Truthfully, the sort of fuzzy Jesus & Mary Chain muck the members of Austin's Woven Bones roll around in hasn't been too hard to come by in the early days of the '10s. Likewise, it's not an especially difficult sound for a punk band of minimal resources and rudimentary skills to get a handle on. That said, it still takes a knowing ear to do it right; if mishandled, oceans of fuzzed-out acid-punk can actually, believe it or not, be quite ho-hum. On their debut full-length on Hozac Records, Woven Bones come about as close as one could hope to nailing it, keeping things lean and mean but definitely not clean.


With a pounding drone reminiscent of the Bros. Reid and the Spacemen 3, the members of Woven Bones also deliver their particular brand of shitgazing with punch not unlike the Cramps at their most vile and least campy. Frontman Andrew Burrs's disquieting bleat is too engaged to be called indifferent and too vicious to be merely snotty. Though they take their main cues from bands that were ultimately content to drift off into narcotized bliss, on In and Out and Back Again, Woven Bones stand at the precipice of the void and jeer. 

  • I'll Be Runnin
  • Guess You Allready Knew
  • 7 Year Mirror
  • If It Feels Alright
  • Your Way With My Life
  • Creepy Bone
  • Half Sunk Into the Seats
  • Couldn't Help But Stare
  • Blind Conscience

Armed with one of the more brutally fuzzed-out thuds in the "garage underground," Austin-via-Orlando's Woven Bones built their reputation on a string of blink-and-you-miss-them singles during the late '00s. Though 2010's In and Out and Back Again marked the band's first foray into the more grandiose territory of the full-length, Woven Bones stayed true to their school and released the nine-song set on Chicago's HoZac Records.

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