Georgia Anne Muldrow

    Worthnothings EP


    Stones Throw’s artist roster is near impeccable, holding it down for hip-hop and R&B momentously at a time when the genres are in some respects struggling to hang on to their fundamentals among a mainstream audience. Georgia Anne Muldrow, a recent addition to said roster, is throwin’ down in a big way, bringing back the grittiness to R&B with classy yet bold vocal arrangements (think Erkyah Badu meets J Dilla‘s hard-thumpin’ beats). Her debut EP, Worthnothings, is the first female-made product to be released on Stones Throw (thanks to label head Peanut Butter Wolf), and on it shows a potential that should turn heads in her direction.


    The EP, which Muldrow originally released herself in 2005, may have its flaws, but Muldrow hides them with her confidence and optimism. Muldrow, who is no stranger to ’70s soul and free-jazz, composed and performed all the music and vocals throughout the seven-track, twenty-one-minute EP, which blends together at times to sound like one composition. Muldrow is youthful and ambitious, and it shows throughout her music. “Larva,” layers free-flowing vocals but never congeals into a hook, further evidence of free-jazz’s influence. She even shows off her spittin’ skills within the short but super sweet lyric-filled “Hey.”


    Georgia Anne Muldrow’s youthfulness and enthusiasm transcends most artists’ her age (twenty-two), and it’s contagious. When her debut LP drops (she’s signed up to do two for Stones Throw), folks will likely talk about her with the same respect they do the rest of the label’s roster.


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