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If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Animal Collective discovered doom metal, look no further than “Tungsten Steel: Epilouge (sic)” off Wildildlife’s debut, Six. It’s eight minutes of double-kick and distorto-crush as filtered through lysergic goggles. Ain’t a single instrument on the track (including them medicine-man vox) untouched by the mighty reverb pedal.


Time moves a little slower than usual for this (presumably) stoned band of San Franciscans, resulting in a few way overlong tracks. The opiates wear off halfway through “Magic Jordan,” leaving an excessive nine minutes more of backward tapes and acid bubbles. But you gotta give Wildildlife props for allowing some flowers to grow in their sludge. Six finds common ground (i.e. copious amounts of drugs) among the hippies, metalheads, and shoegazers. Leave genre purity to those straight-edge tightwads.






Caspa and Rusko - Fabriclive.37 Lightspeed Champion Galaxy of the Lost EP

this is very nice,
they play in boston next month and I will be there!
hidden treasure of 2007


man this album totally blows you right off your gourd!!!especially on good acid....i tell you man its the new pink floyd ummagumma tripping album.totally ace!!

ian zaeman

I just finished hearing this album tripping on mushrooms and thought the world was going to end,wow!!!glad that didn't happen...trippy album man as a matter of fact I think I'm starting to get a flashbackbackbackbackbackbackbackbackbackbackbackback...... wow!!!!!!!!!THis is mad stuff!!!wildildlife rules!!!!!

Ian Zaeman

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