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  • Wilco (the song)
  • Deeper Down
  • One Wing
  • Bull Black Nova
  • You And I
  • You Never Know
  • Country Disappeared
  • Solitaire
  • I'll Fight
  • Sonny Feeling
  • Everlasting Everything

Wilco (The Album) finds the Chicago sextet compacting every significant aspect of their persona and compacting it into an album's worth of music, hence the title. Sure, it took them six tries to make an album appropriate for the band's name, but fans should be happy it showed up at all.


Album producer Jim Scott said this of Wilco (The Album): "Wilco (The Album) features the best aspects of a live performance album mixed with a layered, overdubbed studio album.” “It also contains some of the best songs Jeff has ever written. I think they should have named it 'Wilco (their best album ever).'” In that case, it's safe to say that it's all right that they got it on the seventh try.

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