Nickel Creek

    Why Should The Fire Die?


    Bluegrass-rock? Acoustic funk? With only mandolin, guitar and fiddle, Nickel Creek’s startling musical dexterity and genre-crossing appeal – the band’s 2002 “Smoothie Song” from This Side was a hit on modern rock radio, and it was instrumental – blows the roof off traditional bluegrass and acoustic music. On the band’s third, Why Should the Fire Die?, mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile – also an accomplished solo artist – and guitarist Sean Watkins handle most of the songwriting, from the near-rock of “When in Rome,” to the delicate and dark “Jealous of the Moon” and fiery instrumental “Scotch & Chocolate.” But on “Best of Luck,” it’s Sarah Watkins’s voice and fiddle – both of them sweet and aggressive – that make this album, and trio, unstoppable.


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