All-American Rejects

    When The World Comes Down


    The Rejects continually save themselves from sounding like cookie-cutter MTV2 alt-fare with a knowing gift for melody and humor. The band is slick, predictable and at times formulaic, but it still carves out its own sonic space. When the World Comes Down is no exception.

    Frontman Tyson Ritter mines the usual angst and rejection (the rockin’ “Fallin Apart,” “Damn Girl,” “Another Heart Calls,” the ballad “Believe”) but manages to make them sound believable, and not like you just heard the same sentiment backed by the same chord progression by another band minutes earlier. Ritter’s bite is matched by the band, which has a deep supply of chewy hooks.

    You may have already heard some of When The World Comes Down, if you listen to the radio ("Gives You Hell") or play Madden ’09 ("The Real World"). The album may not have the crunch of earlier efforts, and it does travel over similar lyrical ground, but there is a sense of maturing here, a willingness to step outside of what works. Usually, that’s the engine for staying power.