When Dracula Thinks “Look at Me”


    When Dracula Thinks “Look at Me” is a collection of fourteen songs showcasing a lean seventeen minutes of grindcore metal thrashing from London’s Trencher. And at first glance Trencher seems like a pretty run-of-the-mill speed-metal band: The members like to scream and grunt, and the subjects of their guttural musings are often things that would give Burroughs and Lovecraft nightmares. A member who calls himself Lock-Monger beats on the drum kit and has some wicked tats; Pox wears something that looks like a La Parca wrestling mask and thrashes speed riffs on a bass; and Copra-Lactus, he should be the guitar player. That he’s not is what sets Trencher apart. Copra-Lactus plays a Casio, making Trencher a member of a small group of hardy thrashers out to prove that the only true way get metal is through a plastic keyboard with a built-in samba rhythm.



    For this reason, When Dracula Thinks “Look at Me” is an interesting conversation piece, but it’s much better in theory than in execution. Putting a keyboard in a metal band is a fun idea, but the result doesn’t sound markedly different from any other thrash album. The synthesizer helps set the mood for the songs, but there isn’t enough of it to compete with the bass playing, drumming and screaming. There are the some indications of good things to come from Trencher, but When Dracula Thinks “Look At Me” is a long way from being a satisfying metal experience.