Wet Zoo


    The Wet Zoo EP serves as a preview for Annuals’ major-label debut, the follow-up to their much-hyped 2006 debut, Be He Me. 

    The first three tracks build upon the rural-roots-rock-meets-atmospheric-indie that the band established on their debut. “Sore” soars and swells around lead Annual Adam Baker’s subdued vocals. “Around Your Neck” recasts a southern hoedown as a three-minute pop song, and “Just Stay In” is a string-heavy Damien Rice send-up. But nothing here will grab you like Be He Me‘s “Brother” did, or is as loose-limbed as that album’s “Carry Around.”

    The last two tracks are devoted to Annuals side project Sunfold, which lack the originality and flow of the Annuals tracks.

    Wet Zoo might be enough to keep Annuals on people’s minds, but the EP doesn’t offer enough in the way of tracks and sound development.