Western Soul


    You know how some rock albums just pop out of nowhere and endear the band to your heart, even if you’ve never paid too much attention to them before? Add Western Soul to that list.


    These four guys are the Norwegian equivalent of the hard-edge, old-school side Ween displayed on albums like their 1990 debut, GodWeenSatan: The Oneness. Right from the start, Western Soul puts your foot to the floor and keeps the fumes re-circulating with thick-ass fuzz and ringing, beating tones that make you remember why you indulge in and idolize rock music to begin with.

    The vocals hit hard, with that warm, endearing quality of being perfectly captured in their moment by riding just above the mix. Bonk, which includes members of Kung Fu Girls and Anal Babes, makes music to cruise the expressway to or just pound beers and lament on the eternal goodness of rock. They guys hit like big-timers and hail from a land far away, but they connect like longtime drinking buddies.

    Every song has a place in the rabid continuity of Western Soul, and together they are enough to make you forget about all the plastic shit out there. This is it: The return (once again) of a band that matters.

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    “Waitin’ in a Car” MP3

    “Sarah” Video

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