Give Up the Ghost

    We’re Down ‘Til We’re Underground


    I wish you could buy stock in band’s careers: I would’ve been a fucking hexagillionare when I cashed in my “American Nightmare/GUTG will receive a totally unprecedented amount of mostly undeserved backlash from ‘The Kids’ ” stock. This band (originally called American Nightmare, but forced to change its name so some bar band in Pennsylvania could keep playing dated hard rock to dudes with sick mustache-ponytail combos) got too popular too fast — it was mind blowing. People were trading their sisters for a copy of the first seven-inch on colored wax, getting really regrettable tattoos of the angel logo on their faces, etc. And then came the inevitable. “Whatever, dood, I have their demo, it’s so much better.” “No, fuck you, dood. I have a tape of the singer’s First Communion when he was nine, and his voice when he sings the church hymn is so fucking good. They’ll never do anything like that again.” I hate that shit. I could’ve recorded that demo on a fucking Speak and Spell; I know you’re lying. Yes, the first two seven-inches were unbelievable, but Background Music was pretty killer too. Whatever. Anyway, so this is the new one, post name change, weird quasi hiatus thing, rumors of breaking up, etc. It’s OK.


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