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It’s kind of amazing that after 16 years as a rock star, a marriage and a new child, Rivers Cuomo is still singing about how chicks don’t dig him. In Raditude, the frontman reasserts his ability to describe mundane events, like watching “Titanic” and going to Best Buy in “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To,” with sunny harmonies that barely mask his sexual frustration. Even the dominating lyrics of “I’m Your Daddy” are supremely tongue-in-cheek. Silly stuff, for sure, but Cuomo's hooks are undeniable.


Sonically, the lean disc is more in line with Weezer’s recent work and the overall mood is playful -- with plenty of lyrical references to a radder era (from Slayer T-shirts to feathered hair). Electro-skewing tracks like “Can’t Stop Partying” could’ve easily become a gimmick with the appearance of Lil Wayne (“Please don’t shoot me down/ Because I’m an endangered species”). But the triumphant and neurotic anthem “Let It All Hang Out” reveals that at the core of Raditude is a guy with a guitar and Buddy Holly glasses, trying to write a clever pop tune. And he could probably use a hug.


  • (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
  • I'm Your Daddy
  • The Girl Got Hot
  • Can't Stop Partying
  • Put Me Back Together
  • Trippin' Down The Freeway
  • Love Is the Answer
  • Let It All Hang Out
  • In the Mall
  • I Don't Want to Let You Go
  • Get Me Some (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
  • Run Over By a Truck (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
  • The Prettiest Girl In the Whole Wide World (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
  • The Underdogs (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
  • The Story of My Life (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
  • Kids/Poker Face (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

Weezer fans can generally be broken into two opposing camps: Those that prefer the self-reflective emo-pop of The Blue Album and Pinkerton, and those who prefer the post-Bowling for Soup pop-punk of Make Believe and The Red Album (while the Green Album and Maladroit are split between the camps). With a title like Raditude, it's no secret which side will totally dig Weezer's seventh album. Raditude finds Weezer doing goofy tracks with goofy titles like "(If You Are Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To," "I'm Your Daddy" and "The Girl Got Hot." "Tired of Sex" they ain't. Raditude was produced by Jacknife Lee (Bloc Party, the Hives) and Butch Walker.

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I found this early review online that suggests this might actually be good, but I'm not holding my breath:


Mark my words. This will suck, when it gets released. A lot. Has Rivers gone completely insane getting Little Wayne on his album, or is he sticking it to the label by writing crappy songs, in retribution for Pinkerton? I seriously can't take the guy seriously for Can't Stop Partying.

Chris F

i think ya'll should listen to the album before you criticize it, Rivers is a great singer and song writer, and you're crazy if you think the Red Album was awful, Weezer can't just stick to how they produced music when they made the blue album, they wanna explore, just look at what happened to Green Day

the dude

Are people sitll on about Pinkerton?My god!!Shut up!Stop ,now you look like fools in the year 2009.And ,Can't stop the partying is a great song ;the demo sounds like such a cry for help,can you not read the sub-text to this song are you that dull?The tune is deep look past the nose on your face get over blue ect,read a book!!


this cd is like no other, it has parts of all their past cds. At first I wasn't sure, but it's reallt starting to grow on me


Rivers is in a place right now in his life where he is comfortable enough to produce whatever kind of songs he wants, simply to amuse himself. The Red Album was great for the most part, but I fear he's gone too far this time....

B. Bell

i'm listening to this album right now. I am attempting to hold back the chunks from spewing from between my teeth. They should have named it Baditude. Get it, baditude.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/BFD/chuck close.jpg BFD

I'll give it a spin. I didn't care much for the red album. I think it was the mustache and cowboy hat. The green album will always be my favorite.


What a remarkable album! As a huge fan of Blue and Pinkerton I thought the glory days were over. This album is at least as good as those two early releases. Weezer's irony and humor zooms over the heads of most people, but when you wrap that around big beats and great guitar sounds you end up with something truly amazing. The new album is the best music I have heard in a long, long time.


This Whole Album is a complete joke! its Rivers way of Saying WTF happened to The old way of making music with a guitar, Drums, Bass, and Mic. Rivers (Weezer) said this Whole CD is just there way of Making Fun of New Age Music. Rivers also adds his style of lyrics and guitar Rhythms. This album might not be a big fan of alot of WEEZER lovers but it is one of the best written Albums of the year. Rivers Never Fails on Giving Listeners something new to Listen to.


I listened to this album. I like Weezer a lot, but seriously, as BFD said, it should be named Baditude. I'm really disappointed


I liked it! I like the electro. It's pretty catchy, energetic and fun!:)


You people are all tards... Weezer gets better with each album. The true sign of a brilliant band. Let go of blue already and expand your mind.

person with a brain

I agree with person with a brain, they do keep getting better. Like the abstract states, let the emo pop obsessers stay in their group, but the 2nd group should be called the true fans of this inspirational and captivating band

like person with brain

I for one cannot stop listening to it.


I think Weezer has not produced a bad cd yet. The Red Album was great. This is a very good cd. I am in both fan groups. ALL WEEZER IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All of you idiots bitching about Weezer need to realize that you are fans of an album(blue) and not this band. Stop listening to Weezer if you don't like their music. None of us true fans want to hear your whining like you have anything to do with what this band will do. Shut your ignorant mouths and go listen to your Linkin Park cds.

Latham The Destroyer

I love weezer. in my mind, the weezer tour bus flipped and killed all the members in 2002. You would have been missed, but now you keep churning out pop albums featuring lil wayne. could you put a little effort into at least one song on your next album instead of trying to end up on the charts?


While I absolutely loved the Blue Album, and actually wrote my senior thesis on Pinkerton (in all its awesomeness) I was a bit disappointed in the Green Album and Maladroit. However, both of those albums had redeeming qualities to them (Island in the Sun, and Keep Fishin' respectively). I didn't like the Red Album as much, but so far, I am absolutely LOVING Raditude. It sounds to me like Rivers has got his groove back and it shows. And if you don't get the underlying irony to "Can't Stop Partying" you are a joke yourself. I love the album... it reminds me of why i joined their fanclub in the 7th grade, and am still a fan over a decade later.


Chris F, you are stupid for trying to take "Can't Stop Partying" seriously. Clearly it's meant to be a joke and a rag on songs like that. Parody works because of idiots like you that take it seriously. This album is great.


oh,weezer what have u done?lil wayne?!!!.I agree with my name was jonas(good name btw)weezer died in 2002.Where They replaced their real music ROCK(not emo pop) with this crap.ALthough make believe and red had 1 good song each perfect situation and greatest man respectively.This new album is so polished,it even has electro and features a rap.What happened to making real ROCK with real instruments and not in the studio.


haha I love these comments. Weezer need to stop making albums because this is downright awful!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Frosty/Kyle.jpg Kyle Lemmon

To be quite honest, I don't dig this album quite as much as The Red Album....just my opinion. They just didn't WOW me yet. Lets see if it grows on me.


Screw you, Rivers Cuomo.

Former Weezer supporter

"I seriously can't take the guy seriously for Can't Stop Partying."

If you ever took a band like Weezer seriously you have issues no music can fix. Good luck finding a clue in your life.


My Favorite album is Maladroit and I hate everything you like!


If you can't see the underlying criticism in cant stop partying, then you are not a true Weezer fan........period


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