We Are Glitter


    The electro-pop act Goldfrapp has been all over the place this year thanks to the well-received Supernature, an incredible live show and creative licensing of its tracks to Verizon and Nip/Tuck. With such exposure, a remix album was the next logical step. Enter We Are Glitter, a collection of the best remixes from Supernature.


    It’s interesting to hear the tracks off Supernature re-imagined, but nothing on We Are Glitter reaches the heights of the originals. These versions are designed to get people on the dance floor, and at that they succeed. The Benny Benassi version of “Ooh La La” stands out for its relentless hard house, as does the electro grooves of the C2 remix of “Fly Me Away.” The Flaming Lips take the material in the opposite direction with positive results, warping “Satin Chic” into a minimal ’60s-flavored folk jam.


    But what’s nice about the album is that it takes Goldfrapp’s material to places the duo’s album only hinted at. If you want to experience the subtle nuances of Goldfrapp, get Supernature. But if you want to hear Goldfrapp and pretend you are in a ’70s disco, grab We Are Glitter.



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