We Are Dios


    A surrealistic weave of sun-rayed Beach Boys harmonies, lysergic psychedelia, and thunderous drones, Dios’ three-years-in-the-making third album, We Are Dios, sounds appropriately epic for such a long-gestating disc of moody psych-pop. No, not just epic — definitive, in that the 10 sprawling tunes collected here not only form a very aptly titled disc, but also serve as the authoritative document of these Hawthorne, Calif.-based critical heroes.


    From the snaking, percussive sway of album hotshot “Stare at Wheel” to the ominous yet poppy dread of the opening “Epileptic Tunnel Visions,” from the twinkling skip and studio experiments/sound collages of “Toss My Cookies” to the gorgeous, dreamlike grooves of the closing “It Will Feel Good,” We Are Dios not only captures all of what Dios does so staggeringly well — honeyed vocal harmonies drifting over rumbling pop and post-rock — but deepens those abilities as well, expanding them outward in all directions. They are Dios, all right, and this may well be their finest hour.