Waters of Nazareth EP


    Justice is carried out in two ways with punishment or with reward — and with Waters of Nazareth, Parisians Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay keep the dichotomy in perfect balance. The two got together in 2003, the buzz first growing around their reworking of Simian’s “Never Be Alone,” which has since been released and re-released. They’ve since been going head to head with MSTRKRFT in the battle to decide who can remix more, and meanwhile indie kids are spending the weekends dancing for hours straight in small, sweaty rooms. The style is thick and vibrating, using heavy bass that’s distorted so hard it coats the dance floor in heavy metal.


    This EP, which includes three versions of the original song “Waters of Nazareth” and two others, was released in support of the group’s forthcoming full-length, due out early next year. London-based deejay Erol Alkan brings the track to a whole new level of dance-floor seduction (the other version of “Waters of Nazareth” is another remix by Justice), and the remaining two original tracks bode well. “Carpates” is menacing and rolling in its melody. On top of the galloping electronics and a fast-moving soundscape of eerie, spectral synths, there is no real chorus and no vocals. “Let There Be Light” is not far from the hot tracks on MSTRKRFT’s The Looks, but it bears the Justice stamp in that there is a deep funk bass that drives the dance floor. Punishment on the body, reward for the soul: That is Justice.



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