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With anything even remotely garage rock, regardless of actual talent, getting signed to huge recording contracts these days, it's refreshing to see San Francisco-based Vue finally getting the recognition it deserves.


Before recording as Vue, the band threw its stylish two cents into indie-rock's burgeoning bluesy garage-rock circuit as the Audience, releasing a full length and a seven-inch before changing their name in 1999. Formerly on Sub Pop, Vue's major-label debut is a five-song EP featuring a live version of "Find Your Home" (the song originally appeared on the studio record of the same name) as well as four new tunes that showcase the organ-laden quintet's penchant for bombastic drums, hook-y melodies and too-cool vocals that drip with a strung-out West Coast vibe. "Hey Hey Not In Here" sounds like Mudhoney on a surfboard, while the title track "Babies Are for Petting" swings with a dirty British Invasion vibe.

So, you ask, did Vue sell out since they signed to a major? Hardly. If anything, their tunes are quirkier, infused with electronics and slowed to a sultrier pace. With age and experience comes wisdom -- obviously, the Vue is better from the top.

  • Look Out For Traffic
  • Hey Hey Not In Here
  • Babies Are For Petting
  • Find Your Home (Live At KVRX)
  • It Won't Last
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