Viscous Solid


    In between the icy clicks and techy beats on Aeroc’s wordless Viscous Solid are ambient stretches of sound where the “less is more” production theory bears significant fruit. The album has no song breaks. One excursion floats into the next, either propelled by guitar-generated melodies or expansive mood-shifting atmospherics.


    Geoff White calls himself Aeroc here, (pronounced “I-Roc” like your white-trash neighbor’s car on cinderblocks) but most will know him by Jackstone or his birth name. He’s released electronic work under those names for a series of labels, including Proptronix, Morris Audio, his own label, Edit, and some others. As Aeroc, White strays from techno, instead pulling together flowing minimal compositions, more fireside-type fare than dance-floor stuff. Viscous Solid comes from White’s guitar, but the tracks are not easily decipherable as such. There are only a few pieces that actually feature the acoustic guitar sounds that listeners are familiar with, because White disguises any organic traces with befuddling effects and programming.

    “Blue Eyed Bitter” is held down by Beta Band-esque guitar strumming alongside airy beats and echoing chirps. It’s the most organic that White sounds as Aeroc, and he immediately returns to spacey minimalism afterward with the creepy “Another Mere Moment.” Viscous Solid is at times detached and distant, and White’s expertise in the area lends well to these almost unstable transitions from earthly comfort in “Blue Eyed Bitter” and “My Love, The Wave Break” to almost immediate isolation in ambient pieces like “Vio La” and “Wish Eyes.” White’s Vicious isn’t a comedown affair, and it’s not exactly going to shake any bottoms; rather, it fits well into the in-between crossroads, where creepiness and groove meet, shake hands, and trail off.

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